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to the world of the voiceless, speaking from their EYES.

AWCS is an animal treatment centre established in 2020 with the aim of providing timely medical aid to injured and ill animals on the streets of Amritsar city. No animal left behind is our motto.
AWCS is also home to many street dogs.

What we do at AWCS


"The only way for a better world is, to not only teach the minds of the children to be scholars ,but also to teach their hearts to be kind towards all living beings "​

-Dr Navneet Chawla

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your kindness saves a Life

How You Can Help ?


We help hundreds of injured and sick stray dog and abandoned pets. You play a crucial role in changing these animals' lives forever by supporting our mission to provide them with the best care. There is nothing more important than the thought behind every donation, no matter how large or small.


There are thousands of stray and homeless animals in Amritsar. Due to financial and infrastructural constraints, it is impossible for us to provide shelter and care for all these animals. But you can make a difference by adopting a homeless stray and giving them a forever home.


Volunteering increases lifespan according to scientific research. Get involved in a good cause by volunteering. We have so much going on at AWCS because taking care of dogs is more than a full-time job. It requires a heart and a soul. If you have both, come volunteer with us.

Adopt A Dog

You can't change a Dog's past, but you can change his future.

Are you planning to Adopt these pooches?

Your adoption can make a difference in a stray’s life. It would be a great thing even if you gave them a forever home and family by being the parents of any of these kind souls. Click here to see your new friends waiting for you….


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